The TOS is active all over the world, in areas such as emergency relief, education, social welfare, family, rural development, orphanages, justice, peace, healthcare, healing, animal aid, arts and music, ecology and environmental conservation. This work is organised by the members and friends of the TOS, who are chiefly members of the Theosophical Society.

The aim of the TOS is to make Theosophy practical in order that the sum of human misery may be relieved through applying the Motto of the TOS in daily life: ‘A Union of Those who Love in the Service of All that Suffers’. and its aims are:

1)         To minimise the sum of misery in the world
2)         To forget self in working for others
3)         To eliminate selfishness and substitute love as the rule of the world, and
4)         To live to the highest that is within us.

For over one hundred and ten years members and friends of the TOS have worked in the service of humanity – to relieve suffering wherever it is found. TOS groups world-wide join with each other to help with humanitarian projects internationally. The TOS embraces people of many different temperaments and approaches towards the art of serving. As an integral part of the Theosophical Society, the TOS offers a place where all can find support and inspiration in their social action and spiritual practice.*

TOS workers understand the philosophy behind the TOS and their initiatives are examples of what sets TOS work apart from other humanitarian organisations. The TOS was founded as a way to put Universal Brotherhood into action in the world - a way to make Theosophy practical. The purpose of the TOS is twofold: ‘the unselfish service of the needy and suffering’ and ‘the inner transformation of the server’. The TOS exists worldwide to show that Theosophy has much light to shed on contemporary issues of concern and can help people find meaning in suffering. Its aim is to demonstrate that service founded in spirituality can engender far-reaching good in the world. The TOS considers its collaboration with the Theosophical Society to be an honour.²

We welcome you to the TOS UK and hope you will be inspired to join in with our work of Compassion and Service.

Maureen Atkinson







1 Tim Boyd, International President and President of the TOS.

² Nancy Secrest, TOS International Secretary.