Teddies for Tragedies

When conflict and troubles occur, the children of the world are the first to suffer, be that through poverty, destruction, loss of parents, siblings and families, health threats or starvation. The simple gift of a brightly coloured hand-knitted teddy bear gives a child something to hug and a toy to play with, bringing some comfort and relief from the stress they experience.

A Teddy shows them they are cared for and loved by someone and carers and doctors report that the health and well-being of children and babies recover much better when they have something to cuddle. Every child gets to keep their Teddy and your creation could help a little child forever.

Many members and friends of the TOS UK, their families, local schools and groups, knit Teddies on a regular basis. To date we have sent over 21,000 Teddies to babies and children in areas of famine, poverty and disaster around the world, through the kind cooperation of the International Aid Trust and Furniture for Education Worldwide, who provide space for Teddies in their shipments.

Details of how to knit or crochet Teddies and sew the Teddy Bags can be downloaded from the links below. If you can’t knit or crochet or sew, a gift of brightly coloured double-knitting yarn would be very welcome.

There is no deadline or expected number of teddies and bags for volunteers to make. Please send your completed Teddies or Bags to:

Mrs Maureen Atkinson, 399 Briercliffe Road, Burnley BB10 2NL.

For enquires please telephone: 01282 422282

Knitting Pattern
Crochet Pattern
Cotton Bags